Site Rules

1. We expect respectful and humble behavior between our staff and members.


2. Every member has to check in with our staff right upon entering the gym and with a functioning membership card.


3. Our drinking pumps can only be used with the matching bottles, which are only handed out to members, who have booked a drinking flatrate additionally to their memberships.


4. We kindly ask you to enter classes 5 minutes prior to their official start. Our instructors can solely, but of course reasonably decide to exclude members from their class.


5. Our mats can never be entered with shoes (except for Wrestling and Boxing shoes, that our solely worn on our mats).


6. Our mats can never be entered with bags, drinks, bottles or groceries of any kind and at any time.


7. Our showers and sauna can only be used WITHOUT clothing. You will have to place a clean towel underneath while using the sauna and/or our weightlifting machines.


8. Shaving at MMA Spirit is strictly prohibited.


9. Weights and training equipment of any kind have to be stored where they belong right after finishing using them.


10. You have to follow our staff´s instructions.


11. Weights and training equipment has to be dropped carefully.


12. Medicine balls can´t be thrown against any wall nor the floor.


13. Any trash has to be thrown into our trash cans right away.


14. Our sound system can only be controlled by our staff.


15. Any training space can only be entered with sports clothing.


16. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes can only be entered with a gi/kimono.


17. Our cardio machines have to be disinfected after use.


18. Any thievery and vandalism will be recorded to the police.


19. Operating or placing your feet on our heaters is strictly prohibited.


20. Lockers have to be emptied right away after use.


21. Sparring is only allowed under the supervision of an instructor.


22. Smoking is strictly prohibited.


23. Any religious or political ambition can´t be shown at MMA Spirit- we are all about sports.


24. Phones can´t be used in room 1 and 2.



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