Sascha Rankovic

BJJ & No Gi competition:

  • Gold medalist at Submissao (No-Gi | 2007)
  • Gold medalist at Subbattle (No-Gi | 2008)
  • European Champion IBJJF (BJJ | 2009)
  • International German Champion (BJJ | 2009)
  • European Champion IBJJF (BJJ | 2010 | Super Heavyweight)
  • European Champion IBJJF (BJJ | 2010 | Open Weight Class)
  • International German Champion (BJJ | 2011)
  • European Champion IBJJF (BJJ | 2013)
  • NAGA Champion (No-Gi | 2014 | Super Heavyweight)
  • NAGA Champion (No-Gi | 2014 | Open Weight Class)
  • Silver medalist Abu Dhabi Pro (BJJ | 2015)

Sascha Rankovic, born April 20. 1976 found his affection for martial arts just like so many other kids at a young age and through various “eastern” movies.

He would start his own career aged 11 taking his first steps at Shotokan Karate back in Serbia until he would eventually move to Germany in 1990. Boxing would guide him through his youth and beyond as he started training at the highest level aged 14 and continued to do so for 11 years in total, before his interest would shift towards Mixed Martial Arts training.

He would implement a lot of new techniques as much as strategies in the following years- just before becoming deeply affected to BJJ and finding a home at Alliance Jiu Jitsu.

His 4 European Championship titles would be crowned by receiving his black belt by none other than the most successful BJJ instructor in the form of Fabio Gurgel (8 time world champion & 6. degree blackbelt) back in 2014 in Helsinki.



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