Ralph Bunn

Ralph Bunn

We are proud to introduce our Boxing instructor Ralph Bunn who. Ralph is a great coach with lots of experience (with the instructor b-license) and a genuinely nice person at the same time. His appointment will surely lead our Boxing section to a glorious future as Ralph´s son is a Bundesliga 1 boxer who has also won the German Championships. Get to know him better in this interview.

MMA Spirit: Hi Ralph, how did you get involved with martial arts in the first place?

Ralph: Well, I have actually been “forced” into sports by my parents- speaking of my dad and got started with swimming (aged 4), football but also table tennis. My first experiences with a martial art came with 13 years, when I practiced “Shotokan” Karate, advancing to the brown belt degree- my major role models where movies I used to watch- including actors such as Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris (a terrible thing to admit nowadays – :))

I thought I was doing pretty well in Karate but it proved so wrong when I first started training in Taekwondo, where every yellow belt was able to lay a beating on me. This experience made me change my path and I decided (aged 15) to start with a contact martial art including Taekwondo and Kickboxing- first with semi- contact and later full contact competition.

I once again had to realize that I needed to improve my defensive abilities as tough injuries such as a broken collarbone and nose forced me to rethink my training. It came naturally (aged 18) to start my Boxing training although I mainly used it improve my Kickboxing skills before I finally decided (at 25 year) to simply concentrate on Boxing- with the sport also having been organized in a very professional way.

MMA Spirit: What would you call your greatest success as an active martial artist and as a Boxing coach?

Ralph: There have been a lot of special moments in more than 100 fights – winning the German Championships in Kickboxing but also having been an integral part of the nation team are definitely worth mentioning. Leading my own son Leon to the German Championships in amateur Boxing has to be the greatest moment as a coach up to date.

MMA Spirit: You took some time off (Boxing) for a couple of years and decided to return- what made you change your mind?

Ralph: It actually has been a time problem, which made me stop Boxing for some time. I needed to focus on my career as a (stock market) broker (I have originally been educated as a sports teacher) and also my family. The reason that kept me from training- got me involved again after a couple of years. It was my son Leon, who surely is one of Germany´s most promising amateur Boxers, that got me started all over again. He has also started his mixed martial arts training at MMA Spirit.

MMA Spirit: What made you join forces with MMA Spirit?

Ralph: It actually didn´t take me too long to engage with MMA Spirit after a kind and especially open conversation with Niels Schlaegel. I can´t deny that I felt flattered by the offer to become a part of a unique gym with the biggest array of martial arts under one roof. Being a part of this great structure is not only interesting in the short term. The feedback thus far has been extraordinary and encourages me to keep on doing what I do.

MMA Spirit: Do you have any concrete ideas about your commitment at MMA Spirit?

Ralph: Mohamed and I will surely try our best to keep pushing everyone to their limits and to enjoy this beautiful sport as much as they can. But my responsibilities don´t end here as I will also take charge of the newly found amateur Boxing club. I am sure that we can have a bright future and be able to fight at great competitions.

MMA Spirit: What do you do outside the sport?

Ralph: I try to spend as much time with my family as I can and I have to admit that the common passion towards Boxing makes it a lot easier. I also have a dog, that I have to take care of and traveling is another love that burns in my soul.

MMA Spirit: Thanks a lot for your time and the impressions you were willing to share with us!

Ralph: Thank you guys for being a part of a great team. I can´t wait for what is about to happen in the future at MMA Spirit.



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