Wellness at MMA Spirit

Your wellness at MMA Spirit!

Regeneration is as important as training itself and we have the right tools to shorten the recovery time as you body needs rest, fluid and the right supplements after any (hard) workout. We have installed a 25 men sauna to relax your muscles and improve your overall well being immensely. Do not hesitate to approach our staff about your perfect time to spend in the sauna.

Our certified physiotherapist can be booked for treatment of all kind as massages for example will help you recover faster and are also way for a general well being. 

Sports-/oil massages:

  • 20 minutes for 30,00€
  • 30 minutes for 35,00€
  • 60 minutes for 60,00€
  • 10×30 minutes for 300,00€

Physiotherapy/Rehab training:

  • 30 minutes for 40,00€
  • 60 minutes for 70,00€
  • 10×30 minutes for 330,00€

The sun is one of the most important factors in our lives and especially winter can be rough for body and mind- no need to go withoutat MMA Spirit. Feel the summer in our high quality and deep tanning sunbed “Ergoline Excellence 9000” for a better well-being and also to prepare your skin for sunny holidays.

Help your body to recover faster with the right nutrition as we have teamed up with Olimp Germany in order to provide you with the right minerals, vitamins and proteins to supply your body with everything it needs to stay healthy and continue to train at the pace you choose for yourself.

Fashion can be part of your wellness, too- that´s why we offer you everything from stylish sportswear to the best martial arts equipment which will help you enhance your training levels.



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